Sunday, September 4, 2011

What having a CLUE with your money can mean for you?

What having a CLUE with your money can mean for you?

Control means never having to “ask permission” to access your own money. This means not having to be of a certain age, experience a certain hardship, or face pages upon pages of rules and regulations to access your own money like you do with government qualified retirement programs like IRA’s/401k’s. It means not tying up your funds in home equity so that in a time of need, you do not have to prove your income (again) and get permission to borrow (and pay interest again) on the extra money you’ve already paid on your home. Why follow others’ rules? Why not control your money and set your own rules?

Liquidity & Use of your money will allow you to take advantage of opportunities that come along and reduce the cost of items you already need. My wife and I recently purchased her car from an individual for less than they were offered from another couple simply because we were able to write a check in full and did not have to rely on a bank or finance company. Liquidity means when an unexpected bill or expense pops up, you do not have to rely on high-interest credit cards to make ends meet. Use means we can reduce the costs on things we already need, like paying an annual premium on car insurance versus paying monthly or every 6-months.

Enjoyment means being able to enjoy your hard-earned money without feeling guilty. It means taking advantage of vacations when a good deal comes around. Love your home more by doing the home upgrades you want to do without feeling guilty. Enjoy life more without constant worries about money because you have Control, Liquidity, and Use of your money.

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This special report will show how being honest with yourself and behaving like a bank, you can reduce or eliminate the interest you are paying banks/finance companies and at the same time, save for the future.

Here’s to having CLUE!

-Joshua Smith