Friday, October 30, 2009

Let's Talk About Money: A Scary Call to Action

A scary call to action

One of the number one causes of divorce in our country has its roots in our relationship with Money and Finances. These times are especially difficult for those that are out of work. Money is just a commodity resource that we use to get through life. No man or woman is better or worse for having more or less of this commodity.

It surprises me the number of hard-working, well meaning people who will work 40-60 hours a week yet not even spend an hour going over their finances. Even worse, fewer take the time to discuss their family finances with their significant other. I relate to this first hand. Growing up my parents thought talking about money was taboo, and rude. In the past talking about it became a point of stress in my own life.

I'd to challenge anyone reading this to make it a point to review your own situation on a periodic basis. If you are married share this with your spouse as well. If you have teenagers or young adult children maybe get them involved.

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